General purpose and specialty films
Robeco has an extensive variety of formulations, thicknesses, and widths for Double Polished Clear, Matte (Frosty Clear) and Tinted PVC.
  • Specifications
    • Thickness: .002 TO .080
    • Widths: Up to 96"
    • Grades: General Purpose (Non-Spec Applications); UV; Cold-Crack; Anti-Static;
    • Fire Resistant; Non-Tack; Smooth; Embossed; Welding; Patio; Marine
  • Formulations ("Hands")
    • 5H, 4H - Extra Firm Hand
    • 3H - Semi-Rigid Hand
    • 2H - Medium-Firm Hand
    • 1.5H, H - Medium Hand
    • S, 1.5S - Medium-Soft Hand
    • 2S, 2.5S, 3S - Soft Hand
Marine grade vinyls
Robeco has been supplying Film and Sheet to the Marine Industry for over 50 years. We work with both our manufacturers and customers to develop the best products for marine applications by continuing to improve the film characteristics. We offer more choices for fabricators and boat owners.
  • Double Roller-Polished Clear
    • Available in these thicknesses and widths: .020 x 54"; .030 x 54"; .040 x 54"
    • 100 lb. and 50 lb. rolls
    • Charcoal and Smoke Tints
    • 1,000 hours UV
  • H.B. Formula DPC
    • .020 x 54"
    • Mildew Resistance
    • FR-302 Fire Specifications
    • 1,000 hours UV
  • Extruded Clear PVC Film
    • Available in: Flexible - .030 x 54" and Flexible Firm .040 x 54" both in 50 lb. rolls
    • Available in Scratch Resistant: GlassClear® SR Extruded Clear PVC 030 X 47” in 23 yard / 50 lb. rolls providing the advantages of Excellent Clarity; One Ply (Eliminates Air Bubbles and Contaminants); More Economical than Press-Polished Sheets
    • 1,000 hours UV
  • Clear Press-Polished Sheets:
    • Stocked in .030 and .040, Other custom thicknesses available
    • Highest Optical Quality
Welding Curtain Films
PVC Welding Curtain Vinyl Films have been developed for their protective qualities against ultra-violet and visible radiation. Major applications are for custom enclosures and safety screens, particularly where arc welding is taking place.
  • Specifications
    • Thickness: 14 Mil
    • Colors: Yellow; Orange; Blue; Green; other colors available by special order
    • Film meets California Fire Marshal specifications
Noise & Climate Control
Robeco has supplied Vinyl roll stock for energy saving applications for almost 30 years. Film is available for "in-house" construction of doors for loading docks, personnel doors, freezer doors, production work bays and other applications where energy savings are important. Complete custom door packages are available through a network of fabricator distributors.
  • Roll stock available with the following specifications:
    • .080 x 48” in Clear, Weldscreen Bronze, Ribbed, Safety Red, & Orange
    • Other sizes and colors available on special order
  • Features
    • Functional temperature use 0° to 150° F
    • Flame Resistant (CSFM)
    • Rounded edges
    • Outstanding clarity
    • Meets U.S.D.A. requirements for incidental contact with packaged foods
    • Low Temperature Film to -30°F and Anti-Static products can also be supplied
Semi-Rigid Vinyl Film
A line of Double Polished Clear and Orange Peel Clear Vinyl Film is available for a host of heat sealing applications such as overlays for binders, tool pouches, pockets, I.D. badges, ticket and x-ray holders and other stationery products.
  • Specifications
    • Thickness: Available in 49" and 54"; Other widths available by special order
    • Hardness: 1H to 5H
Pressure sensitive vinyl film
Rolls of Double Polished Clear with acrylic adhesive coating on one side for permanent bond to most substrates.
  • Specifications
    • .006 x 54" 3H --- 185 yards per roll
    • A special heavyweight white slip release paper on the coated side permits RF welding into pockets, tags and labels.
    • A variety of colors and thicknesses available by special order.
Fire-resistant films
Robeco is a major supplier of fire-resistant clear and tinted vinyl film. These products are widely used as component parts of tents, recreational vehicles, clean rooms and a host of applications where see-thru clarity and fire-resistant specifications are an integral design requirement.
  • Roll stock is available with the following specifications:
    • Option One: Thickness and Widths: .012 x 54”, 74.5” and 96"; Color: Clear;
    • Typical Applications: Tent Sidewalls
    • Option Two: Thickness and Widths: .012 x 36" and 40”; Color: Charcoal;
    • Typical Applications: Recreational Vehicles
    • Option Three: Thickness and Widths: .016 x 72"; Color: Clear;
    • Typical Applications: Tents and Clean Rooms
    • Option Four: Thickness and Widths: .016 x 54"; Color: Clear;
    • Typical Applications: Tents, Jeep Sidewalls, Clean Rooms
    • Option Five: Thickness and Widths: .020 x 54"; Color: Clear;
    • Typical Applications: Tents and Clean Rooms
    • All Options Include: 1,000 Hours U.V. - ASTM Weatherometer; Film meets requirements of CPAI-84, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA-701.
Robeco stocks film especially developed for Patio Enclosures, Sun Rooms, "Florida Rooms," "Arizona Rooms," and other window applications.
  • Specifications:
    • Thickness: .010
    • Widths: 54"
    • Colors: Clear, Charcoal, Smoke Grey, Grey
  • Features
    • Excellent clarity
    • Glare reducing tints
    • 1000 Hours UV - ASTM Weatherometer
Robeco offers Lo-stat Vinyl Film for use where static electricity should be minimized.
  • Specifications
    • Thickness: .012, .016
    • Widths: 54" and 72"
    • Grades: Clear with Lo-Stat and Low Cold Crack;
    • Clear with Electro-Conductive Printing
Expanded Vinyls
Robeco offers through custom orders a range of expanded, supported, and unsupported (heat sealing vinyls).
  • Expanded vinyls are offered for:
    • Photo Albums
    • Guitar Cases
    • Attaché Cases
    • Day Planners
    • Bookbinding Applications
    • Featuring:
      • Doeskin: For computer mouse pad applications.
      • Black Soft Panther: For ear cushion applications.
Scratch Resistant PVC GlassClear® SR
Introducing a true evolution in flexible transparent vinyl: GlassClear® SR featuring a double-sided scratch-resistant coating in rolls. Complementing Robeco’s full line of laminated, extruded and pressed polished marine vinyls, GlassClear® SR takes the exceptional clarity of our popular one-ply extruded clear vinyl to the next level. Because GlassClear® SR is supplied on rolls, use only as much as you need for the job, reducing waste and saving time and money. GlassClear® SR delivers a premier product with excellent quality and performance at a competitive price.
  • Specifications:
    • Thickness: .030”
    • Length: 23 yards/50 lb Rolls in Cartons
    • Width: 47"
  • Features
    • Extruded Flexible Double Polished Clear Vinyl
    • Sparkling Clarity
    • Scratch Resistant Coating on Two Sides
    • 1000 hours UV